This afternoon I went to check out the wedding show at Deer Creek in Ajax, the keynote speaker was Randy Fenoli from”Say Yes to the Dress”, a reality show which takes place in a New York upscale bridal salon.  His presentation was funny and entertaining, and of course he gave a lot of great advice about choosing your bridal dress and wedding planning in general.

So have you already found your perfect wedding dress? If not, this is the must-have list you need:

  • The wedding dress matches your style/personality
  • It fits within your budget
  • And most importantly… you feel beautiful and confident when you put the dress on!! ( I couldn’t agree more!)

P.S. He also gave insight as to why strapless bridal dresses have become, and stayed so popular.  Besides looking beautiful, the strapless designs also let your arms move freely (very helpful if you plan on partying it up at your reception!). He noted that if it is perfectly fitted/altered it will also feel comfortable (you should not feel like you constantly need to tug it up – that means the dress is not fitting as it should)